Spain, leader in the manufacture of quality shoes

Spain, leader in the manufacture of quality shoes

19 septiembre, 2020 paco 0

Spain is the leading country in the manufacture of high quality shoes. Did you know that large firms order the production of their shoes from Spanish factories? This is because in our country we have great experience in work that has to do with skin. Not only shoes, but also our bags and suitcases are world famous.

But times change and you have to keep up with them. Now, the new generations are more and more aware and ask that their quality shoes are also ecological. This means working with natural materials, but not with leather. But there we have also managed to open a gap.

We already have experience with the manufacture of ecological shoes in Spain. One of the best examples are espadrilles in their different versions depending on the region in which they are manufactured. This type of footwear, basically, is made with esparto grass and pieces of cotton, linen or similar materials. If in addition the soles are made of natural rubber, we would be facing an already ecological footwear.

Another example is the wooden clogs that can be found in other parts of Spain and that there are already fashion firms that have claimed by turning them into a fashion accessory widely used by women during the summer. In its more rustic versions, the wooden base and the material are joined with nails or pins in the purest style of our grandparents.

But in addition to espadrilles and clogs, it is also possible to manufacture other totally ecological shoes and slippers, with other shapes and designs and suitable for the whole year and not only for hot summer days. Fashionable footwear, very current and that does not take as a reference traditional footwear, but the most modern and current shoes and sneakers.

This has ended up catching the new generations who wanted an ecological footwear, but at the same time current and that allows them to wear the most fashionable outfits. And Spain has managed not only to create this type of footwear, but, once again, it has put itself at the forefront with a high-quality work that not only likes, but also convinces over time.

Do you dare to try the new ecological footwear made in Spain? I’m sure not only your feet will like it, your conscience will also love it.